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Always submit a CorridorAccess request before any excavation works commence

What type of permit do I need?

Before you apply for a CAR via CorridorAccess you need to know if your task involves excavation or not, so that you can apply for the right permit, through the correct site.


If you are undertaking any activity that may break or damage the surface of the road corridor; performing maintenance work on any essential infrastructure below a road, footpath or berm; or placing any pipe, duct, pole, cabinet or other structure below, on or above the road corridor

You require an EXCAVATION permit

Lodge an enquiry at beforeUdig



If you are holding an event, protest or parade that affects vehicle or pedestrian traffic; placing a skip/bin or container on the roadway; or for temporary construction loading zones

  • Holding an event, protest or parade that affects vehicle or pedestrian traffic
  • Temporary installing construction loading zones
  • Installing a new driveway
  • Placing a skip/bin or container in the road reserve
  • Holding an event
  • Putting up temporary scaffolding (mobile or fixed)
  • Using or parking machinery such as cranes, cherry pickers and water blasters
  • Applying for a full or partial road or footpath closure to carry out work on or above the road

You require a NON-EXCAVATION permit